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Hyosung Mini 8300 Wrap

Hyosung Mini 8300 Wrap

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Wrap Only for Hyosung Diecast Miniature 8300 ATM

Customize your Hyosung Mini Toy Bank with a SharkSkin wrap that can bring any design to life!

Whether you're seeking a unique sales tool that stands out, a sophisticated piggy bank for adults, or a fun and educational tool for kids, we've got you covered. Transform our mini Genmega into a personalized piggy bank for any situation.

Our custom piggy banks serve as the ultimate sales pitch companion for the ATM & Kiosk industries. Imagine presenting a mini ATM, wrapped in your customer's branding, at your next pitch meeting. Your customized Hyosung will give your client a true to life representation of what their machines will look like.

It's more than just a marketing tool, it's a demonstration of the power of ATM branding. Leave a lasting, physical reminder on their desk, complete with your contact info on the back. Each time they deposit money, they'll think of your business. A business card can't do that!

But that's not all – our plastic piggy banks are perfect as personalized gifts. Customize your mini piggy bank with precious photos, funny graphics, and more to give your mini ATM a personal touch that friends and family will cherish for years to come. Whether it's for saving or for fun, these ATM piggy banks offer a unique blend of functionality and sentimentality.

Elevate the concept of saving with these custom, innovative solutions that cater to both personal and professional needs. Transform the way you think about piggy banks with the Hyosung Mini Toy Bank Wrap.

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