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Logo Vectorization

Logo Vectorization


We will reproduce your logo in vector and convert the color space to CMYK. Once your artwork has been converted, the vector file will be sent to you.
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What Are Vector Images and How Do They Work?

Vector images are typically produced by design software and consist of paths and curves dictated by mathematical data. This means that when you zoom in on a vector image, everything remains smooth no matter how close you get. Since vector images are made up of an algorithm, they come with smaller file sizes.

What Are Raster Images and How Do They Work? 

Raster images typically come from cameras using pixel data. This means that when you zoom in on a Raster image, you can see the pixels, and the image becomes blurry. 

However, Raster images with higher dots per inch (DPI) or pixels per inch (PPI) are more detailed and less blurry but the file sizes is much larger. 

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Vector vs. Raster Images

How to Get the Best Looking Prints

As you can see, Vector images produce a
high-quality and smooth appearance that’s anything but pixelated. 

Upload a file, we will inspect it.