Mini Kiosk/ATM

Revamp the way you save with our 8.5" tall ATM/Kiosk Mini Banks, ideal for anyone looking for a piggy bank for adults with a twist or a fun way to introduce kids to the concept of saving. Choose to customize your mini bank with personal flair using your graphics or select from our stylish pre-existing designs.

Perfect for everyone from clients to employees to business partners, these custom piggy banks serve as standout promotional items at trade shows or thoughtful thank-you gifts. With their unique ATM/Kiosk style, these are not just plastic piggy banks—they're conversation pieces!

Not your grandma's piggy bank, our ATM Piggy Banks offer a fresh twist on saving your nickels and dimes. Slot your coins in at the top whenever your pockets feel too heavy or when you need to atone for your latest slip of the tongue—yes, it doubles as a swear jar! When it's time to cash in on your savings or simply start over, a simple twist of the base releases your amassed fortunes without a fuss. It’s saving made fun and functional, all wrapped up in a neat, graphic package.

In addition to their charm and functionality, our Mini Banks are particularly valuable as promotional items for credit unions and banks. These customized coin banks serve as excellent marketing tools, helping financial institutions reinforce their brand presence in a fun and tangible way.

By featuring a bank or credit union’s logo and colors, they not only increase brand visibility but also foster a sense of client loyalty and engagement. Ideal for giveaways during community events, customer appreciation days, or as part of new account welcome kits, these mini banks help banks and credit unions stand out in a competitive market.

By offering a unique, practical item that clients can use daily, financial institutions create lasting impressions, making these mini banks a smart investment in marketing and customer relations.

But remember, these customizable treasures are in limited supply! Here’s why they’re a must-have:

ADULT PIGGY BANK & KID FAVORITE: Appeals to all ages, perfect for teaching financial savings or as a stylish office decor piece.

PERSONALIZED PIGGY BANKS: Tailor with bespoke graphics or choose from attractive, ready-made designs.

VERSATILE & PRACTICAL: Ideal for corporate gifts, trade show giveaways, or as personal keepsakes.

SIMPLE TO USE: Features an easy-access twist-open base to collect saved coins without hassle.

DURABLE DESIGN: Crafted from high-quality plastic, designed to last.

LIMITED EDITION: With exclusive availability, don't miss out on owning one of these unique mini banks.

Inject a bit of humor and style into your saving habits with our ATM/Kiosk Mini Banks—a quirky, functional approach to the classic piggy bank.