Woody™ Wraps

Woody™ Wraps are an affordable, attractive alternative to wood grain ATM cabinet surrounds. These wraps are contour cut to fit ATM and kiosk panels and are available in several wood grain options, including maple, mahogany, cherry, pine, and poplar, to name a few. Woody™ wraps are produced from high-quality, SharkSkin® laminated vinyl with a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive that will last for years. The 3M™ adhesive will stick to "hard to stick" surfaces in both indoor and outdoor applications.

SharkSkin® Woody Wraps create a stunning ATM skin that is both scratch-resistant and UV-protected. They are easy to install in minutes, even without professional help or previous experience.

All GetBranded wrap designs can be customized with your logo and branding. For a unique custom project, contact us using the Quote Request form or Custom Project page.