Generic Wraps

Multipurpose designs that work well in a variety of locations, printed on our easy-to-install and durable SharkSkin® vinyl material. These wraps are designed for a variety of environments, including restaurants, bars, retail outlets, barber shops, sports arenas, and schools, to name a few. Our Bank Access options, available in multiple colors, have bank-like branding and graphics. All of our generic wrap designs can be applied to any ATM or kiosk model and customized to add your logo and branding.

GetBranded wraps are made from our exclusive SharkSkin® textured vinyl material, which is easy to apply, scratch-resistant, UV-protected, and will last for years. We also have custom graphic design services, if you have a creative idea you would like brought to life or want a new, unique design. Reach out using our Quote Request form or Custom Projects page for more information.