Security Decals

Draw attention to security measures to protect your property and people. Surveillance video cameras, hook and chain blockers, and GPS tracking stickers give thieves and criminals pause to reconsider their actions. Security decals potentially save you time and resources by preventing shoplifting, breaking and entering, and destruction of property.

GetBranded decals are made from our exclusive vinyl with SharkSkin® technology for durability, ease of use and fade-free protection. They adhere to many hard-to-stick surfaces and can be removed without residue when desired.

Shop our collection of Security decals or reach out using our Quote Request form to request a custom decal design. 

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GPS Decals

Added precaution against theft and vandalism, our SharkSkin® laminated vinyl decals are easy to use to protect your assets.

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Notice Decals

Notice decals for important safety, security, and policy messages. Our SharkSkin® decals are long-lasting, high-quality textured vinyl that adhere to a variety of surfaces, including hard-to-stick spots.

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Security Enclosures

Put a professional and polished finish on security enclosures. Our SharkSkin® vinyl wraps and decals are made to last for years. Don't see what you need? We Customize.

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